Valentino in Grey From Pretty You London

We just received the new Valentino style- in grey- from Pretty You London. This is a a beautiful faux fur light grey toe post slipper with padded soles and a beautiful crown style bling button on top. The padded soles have a velvety rich soft fabric and the slippers are lined with a silvery band edging and have a Non-slip sole bottom.


Valentino in Grey


Here is the link to our store for these beautiful slippers

Pretty You London New Winter Styles

New styles are coming for the Winter Collection from Pretty You London. We have just received them and will be adding them to the web store in the next few days. Here is a sample of one of the new styles. It is called Valentino and Pretty You London has outdone themselves with this one. It is a soft pink toe post slipper with cushioned velvet soles and fur top. The bling on the top is an art deco style jeweled pin and it is beautiful. It looks so reminiscing of classic golden age Hollywood. We can just picture Greta Garbo walking around with this fabulous slipper on.

Here is a picture of the new Valentino in Pink. More styles are coming


Valentino in Pink from Pretty You London


Here is the page on our website for this beautiful new slipper

Pretty You London Spring/Summer Styles

We have in stock a few new styles from Pretty You London’s Summer collection. The new styles are Martha and Paris.  Paris is available in a new color for summer-“Oatmeal” and Martha is available in cream and pink. All these new styles are slip on style slippers with plenty of bling and fur for comfort.

Martha in pink has a pretty satin bow and silver lining all around the slipper-


Martha in Pink from Pretty You London



Martha in cream has a pretty white bow and also has silver lining all around the slipper. This slipper would make a wonderful bridal slipper.

martha in cream

Martha in Cream from Pretty You London


Paris is an existing style ( Paris in Fuchsia is a winter color from last year) but this style is now available in an oatmeal color. The slipper is also a slip on style with a large satin bow and the edging of the slipper is in a copper color. A beautiful slipper that is also very soft and comfortable.

paris in oatmeal

Paris in Oatmeal from Pretty You London


Easter Gift Ideas

If your not into candy or Easter Eggs this year for your Easter Baskets, we have some unique gifts to make those Easter baskets a little special this year.

For the adults or teens- we have these adorable Bunny,Duck, and Lamb Slippers which are so soft and comfy. They are a “general” fit and they fit most womens feet up to size 9. They make great gifts and can be worn all year- not just for Easter


Bunny Slippers


Duck Slippers


Knitted Lamb Slippers


For the smaller crowd we have these adorable Sheep Slippers- These fit most kids feet up to a size 3


Jolly Mah Sheep Slippers


Another idea is an adorable Bunny Backpack. These backpacks are soft plush and are practical to take anywhere.There is also a matching hat for a great combo gift


Fluffy Buffy Bunny Backpack


Fluffy Buffy Bunny Hat


Saffron in Cream Back in Stock

Along with Mischia in Pink, we just got back in stock Saffron in Cream. Both Pretty You London styles are very popular styles and we are happy to be able to offer all sizes again. All are available on our website

Saffron in Cream

Saffron in Cream

Mischia in Pink


Mischia in Pink from Pretty You London Back in Stock

We are lucky to get a few more boxes of Mischia in Pink slippers from Pretty You London. We will have the stock up on the website in a couple days, and we will have all sizes back in stock. Mischia in pink has been one of our most popular styles and is a beautiful small bootie style slipper that is not only elegant but very soft too!


Mischia in Pink


Mischia in Pink



Unique Scarves

We have some new and pretty handmade scarves that we just added to the shop- and more are coming soon. These are all handmade right here at our store, and each one is unique.

The first style is called Stripes and Flower Scarf. This scarf is a cotton blend pastel color fabric which is so light and pretty. The strip colors are pink, green, white, blue, lavender and yellow. The edges are the two short sides of the scarf are frayed and then topped off with a large pink bead and a small lavender bead. What makes this scarf so unique if the large flower accent which comes detached from the scarf. It has a hook pin and a clip on the back so you can accent the scarf with the flower anyway that you want. The flower is a soft peachy pink and then is accented with a large bling button gem.



Stripes and Flower Scarf

Another unique scarf is called the Vintage Lace Scarf. This scarf is a polyester/silk blend of pink and purple flowers and then accented on two sides with cream color vintage lace. The lace is accented with pink beads. A beautiful and soft scarf which is 48″ x 33″.


Vintage Lace Scarf

Another new style is called the “Sunshine Patch Scarf.” This is a cotton blend scarf with bright pastel colors of pink, yellow and white. The short edges are frayed and tasseled. The scarf is accented with a “scarf necklace” which is removable. The band has a pretty pink gem and the flower is accented with gems and a fabric flower. A unique and different way to wear a scarf. Scarf can be worn by itself or accented with the jewelry


Sunshine Patch Scarf

Retro and Vintage Style Handbags

If you like retro or vintage style handbags, you have come to the right place! We carry many styles of some unique handbags in many different styles and colors. We are highlighting a few here

For a fun whimsical bag, there is the Martini Mermaid Tiny Tiki Bag. A colorful tote style handbag with a tortoise handle and a colorful flower design. The fabric is a heavy cotton style fabric and the design is on both sides of the bag. This bag also makes a great gift- unique and colorful but useful too! It also comes in a decorative box.


Martini Mermaid Tiny Tiki Tote Bag


Martini Mermaid Tiny Tiki Tote Bag and Box


Another vintage style handbag which is poplar is the Pearla Mermaid Handbag. This handbag has a black background with a retro mermaid style on both sides of the bag. It is a zipper style purse in a half moon vintage design and comes in its own gift box. The inside is a black satin fabric. A unique handbag with a pretty retro desing- makes a great gift!


Pearla Mermaid Handbag


Pearla Mermaid Handbag with Box